Needle Felting 101

#GetCrafty and poke your way to a delightful ornament! Using small styrofoam balls we can easily make a fun animal decoration.

Little HuckleBears! So cute and fun!

~Great fun and totally unique gifts come from needle felting.
First time needle felting participants will learn about safety with the needles, be given basic instruction, a styrofoam ball, and a sufficient amount of fiber to design their own little critter ornament.

First Class $15
Recurring Attendance: $10/day of attendance
(must take beginner class or have previous experience.)

It takes patience and fine motor skills to do.. that’s about it!

Please call ahead for classes.

Bells, beads, more fiber, yarn, glitter, feathers, paper, branches or pine cones, bark and lots more items to use in touching up your creations. All available for minimal additional charge.

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